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New Portable Signal Generator

GED completed development of a portable RF Signal Generator Ranging from 1 to 2 GHz with 100kHz Resolution. The generator is fully PC-programmable and features programmable pre-set frequencies, amplitude control, disable outputs, automatic reference detect and many other features making it extremely versatile. This is the newest member of our diverse family of frequency sythesizers.

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Frequency: The output frequency.

Output Level: Power delivered at the output of the Frequency Synthesizer.

Output Flatness: The flatness of the output power over the working frequency range.

Output Impedance: Nominal output impedance of the Frequency Synthesizer

Phase Noise: Commonly, phase noise is defined as the single-sideband noise power, and it given by the signal in 1Hz bandwidth at f m Hz away from the carrier, divided by the total signal power.

Harmonic: Level of the harmonics of the output frequency relative to the output frequency output power.

Spurious Output: Level of any discrete un-wanted output not related to the output frequency with relative to the output frequency output power.

Standard Reference: Time base reference input.

Supply Voltages: DC voltages supplied to the Frequency Synthesizer. In some cases, an auxiliary high voltage (low current) is required for wide frequency range in addition with the normal supply voltages.

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